How to apply effective project governance skills and business-focused project board management 

My Directing a Project Primer has created 3,196 new Project Board Practitioners since it’s creation just 3 years ago. Here, with all the dogmatism of brevity, are the key ways in which it will propel YOU to become competent in mastering the governance skills used by project sponsors, project boards and project managers

By David Litten

Do you know who accountable for work results, and who is responsible for performing work processes in your organisation?”

Never before has there been a stronger need for business change and project governance from the top
You’re about to discover the most spectacular gold mine covering the art and science of Project Governance ever created for commercial sale.

“ Get A Grip On Project Governance… ”

The purpose of my Primer is to give members of the Project Board and other critical project stakeholders an understanding of the context, purpose, role and structure of how projects are governed and directed by the Project Board. It is designed for individuals who have responsibilities related to governing and directing projects that are being managed using the PRINCE2 methodology.

Here are 11 Strong Reasons why you need to read on

1.  If any part of your job is to:

    • Drive through strategic change
    • Underwrite or fund project endeavours
    • Assess your organisation’s capabilities with regard to a set of project critical success factors and against a “good practice” model of project management, and be able to describe and understand the benefits of using project methodologies such as PRINCE2
    • Be responsible for setting up or the management of a Project Office (PMO)
    • Determine the applicability of PRINCE2® to your organisation
    • Formulate Business Cases which justify the establishment of a PRINCE2® approach to project or change management
    • Conceive  the “way forward”

… Then you need my Effective Project Governance Primer.

2.  Can YOU give me an answer to ALL of these Effective Project Governance Questions?

    • What is expected of me?
    • What should I expect of the Project Manager?
    • How do I know if the Project Manager is applying PRINCE2 appropriately?
    • How do I delegate authority - yet keep control?
    • What decisions am I expected to make?
    • What information will help me make decisions?
    • What constitutes an effective Project Board?
    • How should we Tailor PRINCE2?

3.  Nail down the essential steps for project governance

If you are unable to answer even one of the above questions, then you must secure a copy of my Effective Project Board Governance Primer

I’m about to share with you everything you’ll ever need to know about project governance methods, complete with videos, diagrams, lesson plans, quizzes and solutions. I’ll provide an effective and painless way to master project governance.

The good news is that my Directing a Project Primer is 100% downloadable direct to your PC/MAC/Mobile, and you’ll have lifetime access to the full material. So you’ll always have a valuable reference resource on hand.

So you can start downloading and preparing just minutes after you have invested…

You need an immediate solution with little effort to increase change management for business success.

My HD Video Primer provides Advanced High-level Mastery of the essential steps needed to implement Sure-Fire Governance and demonstrates how it can provide this all types of organisations – public and private sector, large and small – with a consistent, generic, approach to managing change through projects.

directing successful projects

I have created my Home Study version of my Directing Successful Projects training seminar for Senior Managers.

This is also perfect for the busy Senior Manager who can’t afford the time or cost to attend a PRINCE2 Directing Successful Projects training event!



4.  Get your hands on the knowledge and tools

I Will Provide YOU with Effective Project Governance Knowledge And Tools So That You Can:

    • Set levels of control based on a project’s complexity, importance, and risk
    • Create a Project Management Best Practice controlled environment
    • Engage Senior Managers to take on lead roles
    • Develop champions of the Project Environment
    • Allow Senior Managers to participate as Project Board members

Governance is best understood if one assumes that the PRINCE2 methodology, standards, and processes are already in place. Governance was created as a solution for organizations that had these elements in place, but found that significant problems with effectiveness and efficiency were still occurring.

Looking at the problem, these experts found that Project Management Methodologies, standards, and processes answered the question, “What should be done?” but failed to answer the question, “Who should do it?”

Without governance, there is a loophole. The manager in charge of the work being audited can say; “I didn’t know about that rule.” Or, “I didn’t know it applied in this situation.”

5.  Governance closes the loophole.

Governance makes it very clear, in advance of the work, who is accountable to make sure that work follows the methodology, standards, and processes of the organisation

6.  Fast-tracking your governance skills in 8 hours

Learn What Successful and Effective Project Governance Can Do For Your Organisation -
in less than 8 hours – Over A Weekend!

My Video Primer includes EIGHT Downloadable Video Modules plus Workbook for YOU to absorb the Art of Project Governance in Easy Step-By-Step Chunks

directing successful projects

Leave the office on Friday night…and provide effective project governance at project board or Sponsor level by Monday morning.

My Effective Governance Primer removes the mystery and confusion about directing and authorizing project endeavours to accomplish business benefits. It is as drop-dead simple as humanly possible to learn Directing a Project in the way it step-by-step reveals everything to you, and lays out the clearest path possible for anyone to follow.

7.  Get ahead of the most experienced senior managers.

…with a full-motion Video Reference Library rendered from 100 colour PowerPoint slides

You get 8 videos and an accompanying Workbook with full colour pictures of the PowerPoint slides used within each videowith convenient space to make noteshere’s a quick excerpt showing a typical page:

directing successful projects

PLUS…My 80-Question Project Board Governance QUIZ

Here is one example:

directing successful projects


8.  The one effective project governance skill you must have!

The great news is that it can be learned quickly and effectively because I have devised a learning method that revolves around giving you the essential “get the job done” pragmatic material alongside the necessary Project Board disciplines.

My Effective Project Board Governance Primer will teach you:

    • The Power Key Of STARTING UP A PROJECT
    • The Power Key Of GIVING DIRECTION

9.  Promotion and career advancement as an added bonus… 

The next logical step is for YOU to gain a reputation for effective project business governance, leadership and the ability to provide project evaluation at the highest level.

project boardAnd the best news is that you can use this same system to immediately get the career boost and recognition you always wanted. I have taught this process to countless senior managers in my live training seminars and I can teach you this system in a few days with this unique “Home Study” version.

As an owner of my unique Effective Project Board Governance Primer, you will be in hot demand, but be prepared for envious glances from those who failed to respond to this Limited Edition offer.

But here’s the downside. If you DON’T have this knowledge, or don’t take just a little time to learn it, or don’t make the investment in your life to get good at it – you run the risk of falling behind in your career and promotion opportunities. And you don’t need me to tell you what that means for your career in this recession!

Your work colleagues are your competition and project board direction is a key management skill, so you owe it to yourself to become irreplaceable by delivering business results.

My brand-new 2014 Effective Project Board Governance Primer is designed to get you to apply your new skills as you progress through the information. Better yet, you get to absorb the Primer in bite-sized chunks when it suits you — a quiet 30 minutes over lunch, a peaceful hour in your home at the weekend – or even while travelling.

10.  Governance insider secrets you will learn:

    • Why the so-called Project Sponsor is not nearly enough to provide sufficient direction
    • The project’s weakest link at Project Board level – and how to fix it in a heartbeat
    • The double-edged sword of board-level responsibility and why it must be agreed pre-project
    • The eight key duties and behaviours of the Project Board, and how to apply them
    • I show the two-step evolution of the Business Case and why it is often owned and developed by just two individuals
    • I showcase the five key points within a project that the Project Board must implement in order to be in control
    • How the correct agenda will shave wasted time at major board control assessments
    • The most powerful management technique to minimise Project Board involvement - yet still stay in control
    • Why project stages are vital for control, and the vital questions that need to be answered at board level
    • Sure, plans need to be approved at board level – but what happens if they are not acceptable?
    • If this vital plan that accompanies the Business Case is not in place the project has been a waste of time and money
    • Do you know the five channels of two-way communication between the Project Board and key stakeholders?
    • The role of the Project Board and the decisions that must be taken to ensure successful project shutdown
    • The right areas of focus when tailoring PRINCE2 at Project Board level

11.  The best management investment you will make

Your cost for the entire downloadable video Project Board Governance program, with the Workbook AND the 8-Video-set, is just £77.00

You can download it onto your PC, Notebook or handheld device, and be using it in just a handful of minutes from now…

If you are, or are about to be involved with sponsoring or directing projects, then you will WANT my Effective Project Governance System.

A single successful well-governed project that goes on to realizes business benefits – will get yourself noticed and appreciated by top management — securing your career and recognition…making the price of this system nothing more than a brief small expense, quickly recovered.

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What you are about to finally discover is the foundation of key Effective Project Board Governance to deliver business change, and it’s your turn to get on the inside for a change so hurry and order now, while you’re thinking about it.

Stay focused,

dsp2My Directing A Project Primer is based upon the Official OGC Guide, “Directing Successful Projects with PRINCE2 and covers the full syllabus to prepare you for the Accredited Exam!


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